Healthy Hair Journey Featuring Wen by Chaz Dean

With a celebrity clientele and main stream media success, Chaz Dean ( is quickly becoming the biggest name in hair care. The Vermont native traveled various states as a youth. Raised by his grandparents, Chaz Dean saw sleek elegance around him early on.

Chaz’s grandmother worked with fabric. His grandfather was a craftsman. He created and designed furniture pieces that would later inspire Chaz. From a very early age Chaz began to interpret beauty. He later incorporated his ideal image into an innovative hair care product.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a all in one conditioner. Considered one of the best on the market, Wen combines various elements to provide the ultimate conditioning cream. Chaz  sells his products on eBay, QVC and the Guthy-Renker online store.

Emily McClure recently took to social networks to declare her love for WEN hair products. In a week long journey, Emily posted daily pictures of the positive effects Wen had on her.

During her popular documented journey of using Wen hair conditioning products, Emily has seen significantly less frizzy hair. The overall health of her hair is equally positive. She notes her hair is more balanced and vibrant. Emily no longer posses overly greasy roots. By week two, Wen conditioning managed to balance and add a noticeable amount of shine and nutrition to her hair.


Magnises Opens New Doors for Members

Magnises is able to provide members with the services and the exclusivity that they need. The card is able to be used at many different places in cities up and down the East coast and it gives members a way to get something more out of the city experience that they have to deal with. It also allows them the chance to make sure that things are better for them and that they can do more with what they have to offer in the city. Magnises offers a black card for members who want to be on the list of nearly everywhere in the city.

When it comes to luxury, Magnises has it. They are a company that works hard to provide luxury options to all of the people who have their cards. They want to make sure that people feel like they are being treated luxuriously and that they are getting the most out of the situations that they are in. When it comes to luxury, the Magnises black card is able to buy that for people who want it and who are in different cities up and down the East coast.

There are many options when it comes to having the Magnises black card. People who have the card are able to choose from events, lodging and even transportation services on They can use the cards in each of these ways and they are able to get the best options possible from the use of the card. It gives them a chance to make sure that they are doing the most for the business that they are in. They can even make important professional connections with other people who also have the card. There are some things that are exclusive to Magnises members and it can change the way that a person does different things when it comes to their city lifestyle.

Read more: Magnises, a private club for elite millennials, is now offering its members access to swanky nightclubs and hotel stays for $79 a night

The deals that Magnises offers are amazing. Not only are they able to provide their members with the best of the best but they can also help them save money when they are doing so. While they won’t be able to get free lodging or anything like that, they will be able to stay at some of the most exclusive hotels on for a lower price than what they would have if they did not have the black card. When it comes to Magnises, members can actually save money on luxury living.

Being a member of Magnises and having the black card can even help members in their professional life. It isn’t all fun and games with Magnises and members can actually go to exclusive events that are hosted by Magnises to help people make the business connections that they need. These mixers bring together young professionals who are scattered around the city in one area. They are able to then mix, mingle and get to know one another. They can then use these connections that they have made in the business world and to help themselves succeed.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the greatest innovators and best entrepreneurs of his time. He is from Michigan and has been selling things since he was only in college. He got an early start to sales as a young college professional when he sold carpet as a side job to his college education.

When it comes to different things that Eric Lefkofsky has done, the list is nearly endless. He has worked hard to build up the business that he has and this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing more for the businesses that he owns and the ones that he runs. He wants to make sure that businesses are as successful as possible because of the way that he knows that himself and others will be successful only if the business is able to see a high level of success for the people who are major parts of it.

According to Accellerated Disruption, there are many businesses that Eric Lefkofsky has owned. The businesses include everything from health-related ones to ones that are simply sales. He has flourished in each of these roles and this has created a lot of capital for the businesses that he is a part of. He knows that the money that he makes for these businesses will pay off and the businesses will be able to grow into the different types of businesses that it will be a part of. He has worked hard to do this.

Since Eric Lefkofsky has been so successful, this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing more. The biggest thing that he has done, to date, is teach at a university. He has been able to use his experience in different fields to make sure that he is teaching the right things and that he is doing things for the students who he has. He has taught as an adjunct professor at several different universities and this has allowed him the chance to enhance the career that he has. He has also been able to show people that he is able to do different things in the career that he has created for himself.

Currently, Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of the ultra-savings app Groupon. He has worked hard to make sure that he is in this position and it has allowed them the chance to grow the business. Even though Groupon was highly successful before Eric Lefkofsky took over, it has grown to something that is nearly unimaginable in the time that he has been running the company. He uses the mega savings that Groupon has for their clients to make sure that they are doing the most for the clients that they have.

Not only has Eric Lefkofsky been successful in his professional career, he has also been successful with the different things that he has done in the philanthropic field. He has worked hard to give back to his community instead of using his capital for all of his own gain. This has allowed him the chance to feel better about himself and has truly enabled the community to do better. Eric Lefkofsky wants to make sure that he is doing everything that he can for the communities that he has been a part of during his successful career.

Buying New Gooee IoT Lighting

Choosing to go with home automation for your house is a great way for you to feel confident in being able to control the electricity in your house. A lot of people are making the decision that going with Gooee IoT Lighting is a great option for them and their families because of the fact that it enables for more easy home automation that actually works well for them. If you are not familiar with what IoT lighting can do for you, this is something that you will find incredibly beneficial when it comes to order meeting your home and making your electricity bills a lot more reasonable.

One of the best companies for you to choose when it comes to this type of lighting would be Gooee IoT Lighting. Many people are finding that by being able to use this type of spark lighting option, they are able to automate their entire homes and get it to where they needed to be. The reason home automation it’s so important for a lot of families it’s because of the fact that it allows them to control the lighting and electricity that is in their house so that they are able to find it more beneficial and energy-efficient over the course of time. Home automation basically means that you are going to be able to control the lights and electricity in your home by simply using a smartphone app or device that you have downloaded onto your phone or even a tablet.

WEN by Chaz & How it’s Transcending Haircare

Hair care has come along over the years. Many brands, styles, and trends have come and gone as well, but one things for certain; hair care will always be at the top of the list for many individuals. Did you know that there are numerous brands that use harmful chemicals in their products? Did you know that washing or even shampooing your hair too often can cause a host of issues? Well it’s time you got the scoop on proper hair care and hair care techniques by non-other than Chaz Dean himself.

Founder of the revolutionary line WEN by Chaz, this celebrity hairstylist has expertise and qualifications to give the general public proper hair care advice. Chaz Dean has been around for quite some time even though he’s still particularly young. His strong passion is what sets him apart from his contemporaries and it has allowed him to create his very own brand. (WEN) is changing the game thanks to it’s revolutionary product line. This isn’t your average everyday line. Wen by Chaz doesn’t use the dangerous chemicals of other brands, but rather uses a more natural approach that benefits all.

Mother Nature has provided us with all of the tools that needed to survive, so why not use the tools in hair care products? Chaz Dean figured this out early on, but now has made it into a reality. Instead of selling a (run-of-the-mill) product which can definitely make a quick buck, Chaz Dean has put in large amounts of time for creating the perfect blend of perfection. These products uses the finest of ingredients that actually grow from the earth. No dyes, sulfates, or other chemicals which tend to dry out and damage hair follicles, but rather simple ingredients that leaves you with a shiny, beautiful, strong head of hair. WEN by Chaz is setting new standards and is raising the bar in this ever competitive business. Check out Wen on Twitter for more information.

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How You Can Use Our NBA Betting Guide to Win Money

When it comes right down to it the act of betting on the NBA is basically you just trying to predict the future. Predicting the future, with your money on the line, sounds pretty difficult — doesn’t it? The truth is that NBA betting IS difficult but it doesn’t need to be impossible. Today we are going to talk about sports betting and how you can use websites like in order to make some serious cash while watching your favorite sport in the world.

The first thing that you need to accomplish before you start sports betting is simple. You need to set yourself up an online betting account on a website like On this kind of website you are going to be capable of looking through the different NBA games that are going to be played. You will also be able to see the different important betting factors involved with each game: the over/under, the spread, and how often each team performs well with the spread. Now, all of this information will put you in a good place to make an informed bet on Sunday.

Once you’ve got your account set up you are ready to start making some bets. Does this mean that you should jump out and start putting money down all over the place? Nah, not really. Instead you should focus on setting yourself up with even more information. You need to have a good groundwork and understanding of the NBA and the teams within it. You can’t rely just on numbers to help lead you to your bet on NBA odds. That is why you need to be an avid consumer of information from social media as well as all of the other popular sources. Basketball is an always evolving sport and you are going to be seeing tons of information all the way up until the start of the game.

Now that you’ve got an understanding of what you want to do you can start putting money on the table. No matter how much you win you need to be aware of your bankroll. Follow along through your limits and never put more on the table than you can afford to lose. Always set yourself up with limits and stick to them. You don’t want to start tilting and losing more and more. With these even handed tips you can find success with your weekly basketball betting.

Alexei Beltyukov Continues to Provide Free Education for Local Youths

Back when SOLVY was first founded, Alexei knew he wanted to encourage young people to genuinely understand math instead of just making their way through school. So he began working with a team of experts to create a service that would students in becoming math literate. SOLVY was the service they created.

SOLVY is a free online math homework platform that students can use to better grasp the fundamentals of math. In particular, Alexei wanted to help students identify the areas they needed help with so that they could improve in their own special way.

The platform also had huge advantages for teachers and their school as well. Teachers can assign math homework that is personally designed for each of their students. Rather than assign everyone the same math problems, teachers can identify what problems students need help with and create personalized homework that they can practice on at home.

Students have to solve the problems with their own answer, rather than picking from a multiple choice format. They also have to show their work, allowing teachers to fully understand the progress their students are making and identify any problems the student may be repeatedly making.

As for Alexei Beltyukov himself, he takes great pride in his philanthropies. Education has always been important to him, math in particular because it’s something everyone uses on a daily basis. One of his most known philanthropies is his love of helping fellow Russian entrepreneurs get the education and funding they need to succeed in the business world.

Along with other supporters, he established the Russian Alumni Scholarship. The scholarship financial supports selected Russians who are accepted at INSEAD University.

Alexei Beltyukov is also the founder of Endemic Capital, which he uses to further help Russian entrepreneurs with start-up companies.

Along with several other people, Alexei Beltyukov runs many other charitable organizations that assist Russian startup companies. He’s also the Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, a government support foundation that provides economic guidance and support to Russian technology startups and entrepreneurs.

WEN By Chaz Helps People With Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem for a lot of women who are living with it every day, and they do not always have a chance to fix their hair. They need to start using WEN hair by Chaz to make sure that their hair will be healthier. Healthier hair is much easier to get when someone is using the right kind of shampoo, and they will notice that their hair will start improving with help from the WEN hair by Chaz Dean. It has been marketed to women who are having a hard time with their hair, and now they can use it every day if they have to.

A woman with thin hair spends most of her time trying to figure out how she can make it better, and she does not want to be put in a position where her hair is just not healthy and falling out all the time. The shedding that women go through every day will be scourge on all their clothes, and they will start to notice that they are picking less hair off their clothing. Picking hair out of every part of the house is a major problem, and people who are trying to get their hair in order.

They expect to be able to style their hair, and they cannot do that if it is thinning and becoming a problem. The best part of this is that a woman can keep using Wen hair by Chaz, and they need to use it just the way the instructions on the bottle say. The instructions on the bottle are very important, and they have to be used the right way. They are very easy to manage because they show that people use a lot less than normal. Life gets much simpler when people are using WEN by Chaz to fix their hair.


All You Need to Know About the Brexit Gold Coins

On June 23rd, citizens of the United Kingdom had a referendum. This was significant even to the history of the European Union and also the United Kingdom. The vote would determine whether the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. This has greatly affected the money market and the stocks. Following the changes, the Brexit gold coin was introduced. There will be one silver coin and two gold coins with different values from the Cook Islands.

Coin Invest Trust, a private company, based in Lichtenstein is in charge of the program. The .999 fine silver coins have a value of one dollar. The two .9999 fine gold coins are valued at $5 and $20. The three coins have an outline of the United Kingdom and opposite continental Europe. There is a flag of the Union Jack. On the other side, there is an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The coins also have June 23, 2016, inscribed on them. The word Brexit is also on the coins.

The silver coins which were reported to have been sold out by 5th August are 2,016 pieces. This is within the mintage limit. They weigh 3 grams and have a diameter of 2.6 centimeters. The $5 gold coin has a mintage limit of 10,000. It has a diameter of 11 millimeters and weighs 0.5 grams. The twenty gold coin with a mintage limit of 2,016 has a diameter of 26 millimeters and weighs about 3.1 grams. The $5 and $20 gold coins are being sold at $45 and $270 respectively.

Initially, only the silver coins were minted. After they had sold out, the gold coins were minted. The gold coins were made using the Smartminting Technology by the Coin Investment Trust. The specifically used the Big Gold Minting (BGM). Big Gold Minting is derived from the Smartminting Technology and allows for making coins in different sizes and thickness. Thus, the Brexit coins were lighter and thinner.

These coins are to mark Brexit. Brexit became a reality during a referendum in which 51.9% of the voters opted out of the European Union. The United Kingdom leaving the European Union is a slow process. It will involve many changes in both the politics and the economy of the country. The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May said that the process would be complete by March 2019.

The European Union had not previously dealt with the withdrawal of any country. According to the Treaty of the European Union, the constitution of the member state is the determinant of whether a country can leave or not. The country will, however, be a full member until two years after the notice to leave is given to the European Union.

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