WEN By Chaz Helps People With Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem for a lot of women who are living with it every day, and they do not always have a chance to fix their hair. They need to start using WEN hair by Chaz to make sure that their hair will be healthier. Healthier hair is much easier to get when someone is using the right kind of shampoo, and they will notice that their hair will start improving with help from the WEN hair by Chaz Dean. It has been marketed to women who are having a hard time with their hair, and now they can use it every day if they have to.

A woman with thin hair spends most of her time trying to figure out how she can make it better, and she does not want to be put in a position where her hair is just not healthy and falling out all the time. The shedding that women go through every day will be scourge on all their clothes, and they will start to notice that they are picking less hair off their clothing. Picking hair out of every part of the house is a major problem, and people who are trying to get their hair in order.

They expect to be able to style their hair, and they cannot do that if it is thinning and becoming a problem. The best part of this is that a woman can keep using Wen hair by Chaz, and they need to use it just the way the instructions on the bottle say. The instructions on the bottle are very important, and they have to be used the right way. They are very easy to manage because they show that people use a lot less than normal. Life gets much simpler when people are using WEN by Chaz to fix their hair.





All You Need to Know About the Brexit Gold Coins

On June 23rd, citizens of the United Kingdom had a referendum. This was significant even to the history of the European Union and also the United Kingdom. The vote would determine whether the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. This has greatly affected the money market and the stocks. Following the changes, the Brexit gold coin was introduced. There will be one silver coin and two gold coins with different values from the Cook Islands.

Coin Invest Trust, a private company, based in Lichtenstein is in charge of the program. The .999 fine silver coins have a value of one dollar. The two .9999 fine gold coins are valued at $5 and $20. The three coins have an outline of the United Kingdom and opposite continental Europe. There is a flag of the Union Jack. On the other side, there is an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The coins also have June 23, 2016, inscribed on them. The word Brexit is also on the coins.

The silver coins which were reported to have been sold out by 5th August are 2,016 pieces. This is within the mintage limit. They weigh 3 grams and have a diameter of 2.6 centimeters. The $5 gold coin has a mintage limit of 10,000. It has a diameter of 11 millimeters and weighs 0.5 grams. The twenty gold coin with a mintage limit of 2,016 has a diameter of 26 millimeters and weighs about 3.1 grams. The $5 and $20 gold coins are being sold at $45 and $270 respectively.

Initially, only the silver coins were minted. After they had sold out, the gold coins were minted. The gold coins were made using the Smartminting Technology by the Coin Investment Trust. The specifically used the Big Gold Minting (BGM). Big Gold Minting is derived from the Smartminting Technology and allows for making coins in different sizes and thickness. Thus, the Brexit coins were lighter and thinner.

These coins are to mark Brexit. Brexit became a reality during a referendum in which 51.9% of the voters opted out of the European Union. The United Kingdom leaving the European Union is a slow process. It will involve many changes in both the politics and the economy of the country. The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May said that the process would be complete by March 2019.

The European Union had not previously dealt with the withdrawal of any country. According to the Treaty of the European Union, the constitution of the member state is the determinant of whether a country can leave or not. The country will, however, be a full member until two years after the notice to leave is given to the European Union.

Learn more: http://www.sbcgold.com/blog/sifting-brexit-aftermath-investors-find-gold/

Wen Brings Better Hair Care Products to the Market

There is never a time when women are not thinking about their hair or ways to make their hair look better. The hair is something that women have to deal with every morning, and they have to find ways to make their hair more manageable. It is a time saver for their morning routines, so many women are all ears when they hear about anything that can improve their daily routines. Wen Hair is the product by Chaz Dean that has made life easier for women that may have thin hair.
Emily McClure is one such woman, and she has provided her own testimony about Wen products. This is the great thing about using the Internet to find out about products. There is always someone that is going to try products out and give an honest opinion about their findings. Emily McClure was thoughtful enough to provide pictures that went along with her description each day that she used the QVC advertised products.

The thing that has made people flock to Wen hair is reviews like this. More people are discovering that this is the type of all-in-one conditioner that gives consumers everything that they need. There is a shampoo and conditioner that also contains a detangler and a leave-in-conditioner. This is a Wen product that will cost more than some of the other cheaper brands, but women that are trying to make their hair more manageable will see the benefits of paying more. It quickly becomes obvious that this is the only product that will be needed for cleansing hair.

Wen is certainly a brand that has received a lot of accolades over the years. Many people have seen celebrities promoting this brand. That is how it become as well-known as it has. Alyssa Milano is one the most well-known celebrity endorsers for this product.

Give Wen hair a thumbs up! https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/
Visit the Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen


Laying the stone for Lovaganza 2020

Unity, peace, and abundance. A simple yet enticing message of this statuesque extravaganza is slated to make its mark in the year 2020 between the months of May to September. The grandeur of the scale of Lovaganza is said to be unparalleled according to sources as the initial date of Lovaganza 2015 has been pushed to its current new schedule of 2020.

Lovaganza is a unique one of its kind cross-cultural event aimed at promoting Unity and World peace across the globe. This platform will feature a wide variety of entertainment to the public and is meant to promote cultural diversity.

Incorporating new cutting edge concepts and modern entertainment technologies is said to be one of the main precursors for pushing the date of the event. Lovaganza will be held simultaneously in eight different countries of the world, the cherry on the cake the fact being its locations covering almost every continent of the world right from America to Oceania. With the aim and intent to enrapture its audience and bring the nostalgia as that of the World’s fair combined with the essence of the yearly Expos’, Lovaganza is leaving no stone unturned to mark a place for itself in the history books on finance.yahoo.com.

The events range from immersive attractions, exhibitions, motion pictures, live events, music and cultural exhibits all of which go under the banner of “Embarking on a Bohemian Adventure around the world”. A traveling show is set to hit the roads namely “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy” in the year 2017 and will promote the main celebrations to be held in 2020 with its mission and goals on euroweeklynews.com. This convoy is set to introduce the festival’s first cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience along with releasing them in normal 3D and 2D theaters. This is set to be followed with the release of three major motion pictures going up to 2020. The shooting for these has already begun covering countries like Spain, France, and the USA. This is set to carry on to other parts of the world like the African, Asian, and the Oceanic continent.
About “Lovaganza”

The Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise with two different structures under its banner. The branding and planning protocols of which are subdivided accordingly. “The Lovaganza entertainment Franchise” is aimed at providing global entertainment around the globe with the significant purpose of entertaining and making the audience aware of the varied cultures in the world. “The Lovaganza foundation” whereas is purposed for making use of the success of the Lovaganza Entertainment franchise and supporting regional and global initiatives happening around the globe.

Healthy Lip Balm Alternatives

There is no shortage of cosmetic options on the market today. From eye shadow to blush to lipstick and hair-care, there are endless ways cosmetic re-sellers can push their products. Until recent years, women didn’t have much choice in cosmetic availability. They’d just have to rest with the knowledge that some products would cause breakouts, and prove ultimately unhealthy. But with modernity has come an upgrade in sensibilities such that one of the most popular features of modern cosmetics is their organic, healthy nature. Women today want cosmetic choices that they know won’t harm them or cause any unsightly breakouts. That’s one of the many reasons parabens and petrolatum have become reviled within the cosmetic industry. While many organizations yet use these toxic ingredients, discerning buyers have become aware of them, and are actively seeking to avoid them. But parabens and petrolatum have quite a presence; you can even find these substances in tertiary cosmetics like lip balm.
Thankfully, there are options which provide the same kind of services without the toxicity. One of those is EOS, or Evolution of Smooth. EOS uses natural ingredients in its lip balms so that toxic collateral damages aren’t sustained by clients. Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter are some of the healthy ingredients you can expect to find in one of EOS’ three primary lines of lip balm.

Visibly Soft, Active Protection, and Shimmer Smooth are the main available lines at EOS. Shimmer Smooth gives lips that sensuous, slightly wet appearance. Active Protection keeps lips moist and smooth even if they are usually dry, or situated in a tough climate. Meanwhile visibly soft brings that healthy, professional, inviting look to any cosmetic arrangement. EOS products can be easily found on Walmart. Visit the website: evolutionofsmooth.com.

In a world filled with toxic options, choosing the cosmetic line which has built itself around organic and healthy sustainability makes sense.





Angela Koch Writes George Soros

Angela Koch is the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, and now she is also a contributor blogger for The Huffington Post, which is a company known and esteemed worldwide online media paper. Koch will be a regular contributor, which is a highly sought position amongst the higher ups of businesses as The Huffington Post has approximately 79 million online readers monthly.

According to PR Newswire and Ispot.tv, the U.S. Money Reserve has been in service for more than a decade, being found in 2001 and based in Austin, Texas, and claims that people should have the utmost confidence in the company. It provides clients with the highest quality gold, silver and platinum coins privately, as it has grown into one of the world’s largest private distributors of U.S. and Foreign currency. Many people and businesses worldwide have kept their assets in gold and silver using the U.S. Money Reserve.

Koch works with a unique team of coin research professionals, senior gold specialists, industry leading numismatic experts, customer relations department, business support development, inventory department, vault and shipping department, coin research professionals, sales verification personnel, and a compliance and standards department, so that they know which coins have the highest potential or every buyer.

The team also works to provide the greatest level of customer service so that it can build a relationship with clients and keep their business.

As CEO of the company, Koch not only oversees the entire business and team, but she also sets the organization’s pace and its culture. She loves motivating others by placing value on them and giving them opportunities.

Through her extensive background and the motivation she receives from creating value and opportunities for others, she will share all she can with the readers of the Huffington Post.

Her passion and expertise are sure to shine through with her words, including her first article about the Democratic National Convention and George Soros, as well as the Republican National Convention.

ConnectUs – Another Ground-Breaking Technology by Securus Technologies to Address Prison Workload

Securus Technologies is one of the premier providers of inmate communication technologies. In the last three to four years, it has introduced some of the most ground-breaking technologies. Perhaps, the ConnectUs Automated Forms and Grievance Application is a perfect addition to a range of revolutionary software. As the name suggests, ConnectUs allows prisoners and prison authorities to streamline the process of form filings using a digital network.

Traditionally, prison system have relied on extensive paperwork where prisoner fill thousands of paper applications every month. These paper applications cover everything from legal filings, medical checkups, facilitation services and permission for family visits etc. Considering that each prisoners may file multiple paper filings, it usually took a lot of effort and time for prison authorities to process each application. In fact, the large amount of filings not only delayed the response but many files were lost in heaps of paperwork. As a result, there was no way for prisoners to know the status of their application unless someone informs them.

ConnectUs is changing the dynamics of prison communication by allowing prisoners to fill forms using the online application. Not only will it save time, but prisoners will also be able to check the status of their application in real-time. As for prison authorities, such applications will allow them to process each request quickly without ever loosing any application.

Initial results from Securus Technologies revealed that the company is processing an average of 13.8 applications per prisoner every month. It also means that the prison authorities saved 65% of their time. Whereas, these time savings may not seem much, but prison officials understand that it means thousands of dollars in savings, time management and a happy staff. Already, rave reviews from all over the United States are pouring in from different prisons that are actively using it to serve their prison communities.

Why Online Reputation Is Important

In today’s internet age, any individual that uses the internet has to be concerned about their online reputation. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, or an employee, your online reputation matters because your online presence can influence your professional life. Also, everything that you do online influences your online reputation, which includes your social media profiles, websites, and internet searches.
Your online reputation can greatly influence your professional life. For example, your internet researches can determine whether you can get a particular job or not. Employers tend to do research on their candidates after interviews, and you could miss on an opportunity if an employer finds something unappealing about you. Google registers peoples’ search history and email accounts. In contrast, you could find opportunities if someone finds your internet presence appealing. Thus, your constant posts about grammar on Facebook could land you an editing job.

Online reputation management is even more crucial for entrepreneurs. Every person offering services or products needs a professional website, but entrepreneurs need to do more than that in order to have a prominent online presence. You need content on the internet about yourself and products. And you can achieve a good online presence through blogging. When blogging, you can write about your fields of expertise, education, and experience. You can also talk about your personal life so consumers can have a better relationship with you. It is about developing your credibility.

If you do not know anyone that can help you create a website or blog, you can utilize free platforms and website builders to get started. It is also important that you have a strong presence in social media. Get involved in as many social networks as possible in order to enhance your online reputation. Also, try to use the same contact information in every social media website so people can find you more easily. It is practical and also good for branding. Therefore, try to create as much content on the internet as possible in order to enhance your online reputation. Share what you know, and connect with as many people as you can.

The Lovaganza Announcement for the Much Awaited Global Celebrations Finally Made

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

According to an announcement made earlier this month, the Lovaganza celebrations that were initially scheduled in 2015 will now take place in 2020. These unique celebrations will be held simultaneously in eight prime locations across the world from May to September 2020. Lovaganza will provide an opportunity to showcase different cultures of the world through thrilling entertainment that will range from bewildering attractions, exhibitions and live performances to motion pictures. The theme of Lovaganza 2020 is “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” The celebrations reminiscent the classic Cinerama feel and brings the nostalgia of the World’s Fairs of the past era. They are inspired by the past, present and future of each country in this world.

The reason for pushing the Lovaganza celebrations to 2020 is to allow for a better use of the emerging new entertainment technologies and also to include new cutting-edge concepts for people to have a better experience of different world’s cultures. The celebrations will be held in different locations in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East in over 50 different cities. A grand event dubbed “Hands Across the World” to be held on Sep. 14, 2020.

The schedule for the preparations for the event is already out. They will start with a Traveling Show that will start in 2017 and will move around the world to promote the celebrations together with the mission and goals of the same. In this show, a sample of Lovaganza’s cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience across the world will also be presented.

After the Traveling Show, three major motion pictures will be released. They will be presented in Lovaganza traveling pavilions through the new glasses 3D technology and in standard 3D and 2D theaters. The preliminary footage on Vimeo for the three motion pictures is already ongoing in several countries such as the United States, France and Spain. The shooting will continue in Africa, India and other parts of the world.

Apart from bringing entertainment to people, Lovaganza 2020 is aimed at fostering better relations among the people in the world. When people of different cultures, languages, race and faith among other diversities come together, they get more understanding about each other and begin to see their diversity as a strength.

Lovaganza is organized into two structures: Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and The Lovaganza Foundation. The franchise is a for-profit entity that provides international entertainment that is meant to inspire and thrill masses by allowing them to discover all cultures in nations of the world. The foundation relies on the success of the franchise to impact the world positively by supporting global and regional initiatives in the world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.euroweeklynews.com/3.0.15/news/on-euro-weekly-news/axarquia-costa-tropical/124030-movie-boost-for-frigiliana

Doe Deere: Fashionista, Creative Spirit & Role Model

Doe Deere is the young female entrepreneur who founded the uber-popular cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an Internet-based business that produces the brightly colored make-up that has become Deere’s signature. Deere is as colorful in character and appearance as the vibrant hues found in her Lime Crime products. Often seen with lavender hair and brightly colored lips, Deere’s outward presence is the perfect representation of her lively and energetic personality. https://galoremag.com/lime-crime-creator-doe-deere-colors-haters/

How It All Started

Doe Deere has had an Internet presence focused on cosmetics and fashion since 2006. Her motto is, “Nothing is off limits!” To Deere, this may mean colored glitter, blue lipstick and rhinestones as facial accents. She developed a following that for the last decade has grown literally into the millions. Her followers soon became her first customers for her Lime Crime brand in 2008 and now her company is a multi-million dollar business. Thanks to Deere’s innovative ideas and creative marketing, Lime Crime’s “color revolution” is known and loved by women (and men!) around the world.


Not only does Deere break through barriers with her innovative product line, she is also a brilliant businesswoman who took her passion for unusual make-up and fashion and translated it into what was, at the time, a unique and one-of-a-kind color palette. Many other cosmetics companies have followed in her footsteps by adding non-traditional and cutting edge colors to their lipsticks, eye and nail polish colors. Deere is credited with starting this trend and continues to develop and produce new and exciting color pigments for Lime Crime today.


Fans of Doe Deere and Lime Crime cosmetics are affectionately known as “Unicorns,” referring to anyone that feels that they were born different. Unicorns love rainbows of glitter, bright colors, and live to defy any and all expectations, much like Deere herself. Doe Deere is the reigning Queen Unicorn and the leader of her own following of unique and creative clients worldwide.

Entrepreneur Turned Role Model

Self-Made magazine recently named Deere one of America’s “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.” When asked how she felt about this recognition, she says she is proud to be considered an inspiration and hopes that she continues to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in people of all ages, genders and nationalities. Doe Deere is more than just an inspiration; she has become a vital role model for millions of young women and men who want to follow in her footsteps. Doe Deere sends her message to her supporters loud and clear: “Follow your dreams and never give up!”

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