Lime Crime Brings the Bright (ness)

Lime Crime is a makeup company started by a woman named Doe Deere. She wanted to bring a new company into the market that brought new colors, a new level of brightness to the makeup world. The name came to her when she was needing to create a name for her Ebay store. Lime Crime was born out of her favorite color (bright green) and the rhyme. As her brand grew, it’s taken on a new meaning. Lime Crime is a company that looks to buck tradition, to push boundaries, and to color outside the lines.

Deere grew up a creative and imaginative girl; she was constantly creating her own style, creating her own art work, and using anything and everything around her to do so. As an adult, she chose to take this imaginative view of the world and create a makeup brand like no one has seen before. In the creation of Lime Crime, Deere has also become a woman that other female entrepreneurs look up to. Whether asked for or not, she’s in the spotlight. She’s a girl that never quit. She’s a girl that relentlessly chases her dreams and shows other girls that they can do the same.

Lime Crime is different than the rest. Lime Crime is full of colors that, in my opinion, other makeup lines are afraid to touch. They are beyond bright in their hue, they are uncommon in their colors. Where else can you find a bright mint green lipstick? Or a watermelon green and pink eyeshadow duo? These are just two small examples of what Lime Crime has to offer and I believe that it’s worth checking out!

Even more, Doe Deere is someone worth checking out. Her fearless, take charge, go get ’em attitude is one to be admired.  Get involved with Doe on the Lime Crime Facebook page, or be sure to visit the official website.

The Career Life of Duda Melzer in the Media Business.

Duda Melzer, who is also known as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, is a Brazilian business person who currently serves RBS Group as its President and Chairperson. Grupo RBS is a multimedia corporation that was started by Mauricio Sirotssky Sobrinho to broadcast in platforms such as digital, television, radio and newspapers. He has established his career based on the desire to help people in different ways. As the RBS Group’s President, he understands the effort that is required for an individual to attain success. Duda is significantly recognized in the business world and is an industrious as well as a creative person, who readily faces challenges in the everyday life. He has sufficient expertise and experience in the media, which he uses in achieving the objectives of the company and maintaining its values.

According to Mr. Duda Melzer, companies must adapt to change for them to be successful. He is devoted to ensuring that his family’s business thrives. To facilitate development, he has changed and established the operations and management of Grupo RBS to have a setting that is adaptable by any company that wishes to transform. The company turns the digital entertainment through its digital business e-Bricks, which deals with mobile apps, e-commerce, and digital media. e-Bricks runs in both North and South America.

Mr. Duda Melzer studied business administration in college, and he has an MBA, which he earned from Harvard University. He is a fluent speaker of various languages, which include English, Portuguese, and Spanish. His career in the media began in the United States, and he was later employed as a financial analyst at the BoxTop Media. Duda has worked in other organizations apart from Grupo RBS. These companies include Delfi, which is based in the United States and he served as the company’s Senior Financial Analyst. He also worked for the Booz Allen Hamilton as a consultant. He is currently on of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise’s frontrunners.

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Kyle Bass’ Newest Predictions Focus On China

Kyle Bass’ newest predictions about China are some of the wildest of his career, and he wants to convince the world his newest predictions are his best. He has made quite a lot of choices over the years that have not led to solid results, and it is interesting to read about his predictions given his low rate of success. This article explains how the predictions of Kyle Bass will not add up to profits given the flimsy nature of his work in the past.

#1: Kyle’s Prediction about China Hinges On Loss Of Currency Value

Kyle’s prediction about China all use the value of currency to predict a loss of economic strength, but the Chinese economy is tightly-regulated by the government. Kyle is not accounting for the government involvement in China, and he will not account for other factors that include volume of trading, the opinions of the public and the value that is inherent in other portions of the market.

#2: The Hedge Fund Kyle Runs Does Not Account For Market Fluctuation

Kyle has bet on China heavily, but he does not allow for any margin of error in his judgement. He is content to bet a large amount of money on the Chinese market even if it seems to be a good bet in his eyes. His hedge fund is suffering because he does not want to be conservative at all, and he will continue to share information about the Chinese even though he does not appear to be on the side of the truth. The truth of the situation is far more complicated than a simple bet against China, and proper investors will do their research first.

Kyle Bass has proven that his investment strategy is not quite strong enough to support the work that he does, and he is prepared to continue his current line of thought even though it will not be successful. Kyle Bass is not one to offer the finest advice, and anyone betting against China on his advice may not be the greatest course of action for the average American investor.

Focus on the Services of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company that is among the leading providers of facilities management, global-scale logistics and advanced technical and professional services. The company has over 2,000 employees in the over 25 countries that it has it is located. IAP specializes in making what seems impossible to be possible by solving the demanding challenges of both the private and public sector customers. IAP Worldwide Services engages the unexpected which include overseas battlefields to natural disasters where it is able to respond fast. The company is highly experienced in planning, coordinating and carrying out the technical and logistical challenges that are complicated in nature.

The company is capable of maintaining, managing and operating military installations that could equal a small city’s size, remote research laboratories and civilian facilities. IAP is capable of delivering technologies, the people as well as program management that is needed to support the workforce flexibility of its customers globally. The company has for the last 60 years being reputed as a reliable and responsive leader in the market that does not only meet customer satisfaction but also exceeds them always. The company sets itself apart from its competitors, if they are any, by ensuring that the challenges that keep its customers awake at night are the challenges that make it wake up every morning. The company will always adopt its customers’ issues and missions as if they are its own, input its passion, experience and conviction to them in order to deliver exceptional results and inventive solutions.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

What Drives IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide has a corporate responsibility it upholds and through the company has a way of showing gratitude to the people and communities that form part if its story. IAP does not define its success on just the way it treats its customers but rather on the way that it treats everyone else. Its mission is to take the ultimate goals of its customers and make them its own and then not take a rest until it delivers the results its customers expect. The leadership at IAP Worldwide Services embodies serving everyone from its customers, community and employees with purpose and ingenuity. It has a rich history of serving a huge number of satisfied customers ever since its inception. The company also upholds strong compliance and ethics standards that ensure that it is capable of solving the issues afflicting its customers in the most efficient and smartest way. The company ensures that it acts in the highest standards of professional and moral conduct.

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Securus Steps Up

Securus Technologies is a ccompany with a grand vision – to “develop products that make prisons safer, more efficient, and most importantly that enable inmates to transition into viable citizens once released.”  Unfortunately, 18 year old allegations of wrongdoing against one of the main carriers in their purview, inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL)by the Louisiana Public Service Commission has put their vision on shaky ground. GTL is charged with several acts of ethical and actual malfeasance related to outbound telecom services provided to inmates in the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

To combat this, several important steps have been taken by Securus, the first of which is a review of the allegations against GTL and a series of press releases, reveals PR Newswire, starting with this one and set to continue over the next six months. They have also voluntarily become accredited by the Better Business Bureau [BBB] and received an A+ rating for their commitment in addressing these and other potential customer concerns.

“Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money,” states Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. “It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”



Duda Melzer: Former President of RBS Group (Grupo RBS)

Eduardo Melzer is a Brazilian business leader whom has a passion for managing people. His company is not limited by geographical borders, and has 6500 employees whom have been with the company for 56 years. The company is a professional business, but remains a family one. He believes firmly in being an excellent executor of business ventures and deals. For him, leadership is a matter of being a leader in business and a leader in managing people. People must be passionate about the business in order for it to grow. Recently, he has made the decision to step down from his role at the RBS group and initiate a succession plan which appoints the current Vice President as the president of the company.

Duda Melzer is the grandson of the RBS Group Founder, Maruicio Sirotsky Sobrinho and is a member of the influential Sirotsky family. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. He frequently contributes his expertise at events hosted by Google. He is a sought-after speaker on media affairs and frequently provides insights on the Brazilian economy. His goal is to contribute to the development of the Brazilian economy. Duda was influenced by Harvard professor John Davis, an expert on family business. His business e.Bricks ventures is also a major investor in Brazilian startups, helping these businesses to expand and grow.

RBS Group is a Brazilian publishing and media company with a wide range of commercial interests. This also includes newspapers, online news portals, radio stations, a book publisher. The television station with which Brazilians are most familiar is RBS TV. RBS TV is a news station which has been in operation since 1962.

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