Healthy Lip Balm Alternatives

There is no shortage of cosmetic options on the market today. From eye shadow to blush to lipstick and hair-care, there are endless ways cosmetic re-sellers can push their products. Until recent years, women didn’t have much choice in cosmetic availability. They’d just have to rest with the knowledge that some products would cause breakouts, and prove ultimately unhealthy. But with modernity has come an upgrade in sensibilities such that one of the most popular features of modern cosmetics is their organic, healthy nature. Women today want cosmetic choices that they know won’t harm them or cause any unsightly breakouts. That’s one of the many reasons parabens and petrolatum have become reviled within the cosmetic industry. While many organizations yet use these toxic ingredients, discerning buyers have become aware of them, and are actively seeking to avoid them. But parabens and petrolatum have quite a presence; you can even find these substances in tertiary cosmetics like lip balm.
Thankfully, there are options which provide the same kind of services without the toxicity. One of those is EOS, or Evolution of Smooth. EOS uses natural ingredients in its lip balms so that toxic collateral damages aren’t sustained by clients. Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter are some of the healthy ingredients you can expect to find in one of EOS’ three primary lines of lip balm.

Visibly Soft, Active Protection, and Shimmer Smooth are the main available lines at EOS. Shimmer Smooth gives lips that sensuous, slightly wet appearance. Active Protection keeps lips moist and smooth even if they are usually dry, or situated in a tough climate. Meanwhile visibly soft brings that healthy, professional, inviting look to any cosmetic arrangement. EOS products can be easily found on Walmart. Visit the website:

In a world filled with toxic options, choosing the cosmetic line which has built itself around organic and healthy sustainability makes sense.