Betsy’s All-Round Stance

Betsy is a businesswoman and a politician who currently serves as the United States secretary of education. Betsy has been a public figure since she started campus politics. She has been the frontrunner in numerous campaigns and has even served as chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Dick DeVos is her husband. He has also been in public and was nominated for Michigan’s governor position.


Besty has been identified as a reformer over her active years. She has funded various campaigns in the country. Betsy and Dick DeVos spent a huge amount of their wealth bankrolling Republican candidates in their campaigns and also gave ten folds of these to a philanthropic foundation that they established in the late 1980s. She has been recognized as a politician and a firm Christian.


The DeVos Foundation’s activities since its launch in 1989

The breakdown of the foundation’s charity work is illustrated below;


  1. Approval of $400,000 that assisted a former CNN anchor to launch her education site. The anchor who is known as Campbell Brown owes the success of her site by the name The 74 and that of her nonprofit organization that is known as The Partnership for Educational Justice to Betsy.
  2. The foundation donated $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools in the year 2015. A sum of a similar amount was to be paid in future.

iii. A sum of $150,000 was given to The Potter’s House in 2015. The Christian school that is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan was privileged to be a receiver of the philanthropic acts of the foundation.

  1. Betsy and Dick DeVos also gave $100,00 to the nonprofit Alliance for School Choice. Betsy is a former chair of the school that is in collaboration with the American Federation for Children.
  2. Christian groups have also benefitted from Betsy’s charitable heart. The Grand Rapids Christian school received $350,000. The Ada Christian School Society received $50,000. These are just a few examples of Betsy DeVos’ philanthropic deeds to Christian institutions.
  3. Betsy DeVos’ family donated a sum of $750,000 to the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. She is also the current chair of the Washington based conservative organization. An extra $1 million had been approved for its future funding.

vii. The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts received $250,000 from the DeVos’ foundation.

viii. Higher education institutions have not been left behind on Betsy’s list of charity work. This has been seen by her donation to Universities such as The University of Maryland College Park Foundation that received half a million dollars.



Betsy DeVos philanthropy is well evident from the donation to a variety of entities. She also dedicated her experience in management to serving in the boards of these organizations.


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