Healthy Hair Journey Featuring Wen by Chaz Dean

With a celebrity clientele and main stream media success, Chaz Dean ( is quickly becoming the biggest name in hair care. The Vermont native traveled various states as a youth. Raised by his grandparents, Chaz Dean saw sleek elegance around him early on.

Chaz’s grandmother worked with fabric. His grandfather was a craftsman. He created and designed furniture pieces that would later inspire Chaz. From a very early age Chaz began to interpret beauty. He later incorporated his ideal image into an innovative hair care product.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a all in one conditioner. Considered one of the best on the market, Wen combines various elements to provide the ultimate conditioning cream. Chaz  sells his products on eBay, QVC and the Guthy-Renker online store.

Emily McClure recently took to social networks to declare her love for WEN hair products. In a week long journey, Emily posted daily pictures of the positive effects Wen had on her.

During her popular documented journey of using Wen hair conditioning products, Emily has seen significantly less frizzy hair. The overall health of her hair is equally positive. She notes her hair is more balanced and vibrant. Emily no longer posses overly greasy roots. By week two, Wen conditioning managed to balance and add a noticeable amount of shine and nutrition to her hair.


Healthy Lip Balm Alternatives

There is no shortage of cosmetic options on the market today. From eye shadow to blush to lipstick and hair-care, there are endless ways cosmetic re-sellers can push their products. Until recent years, women didn’t have much choice in cosmetic availability. They’d just have to rest with the knowledge that some products would cause breakouts, and prove ultimately unhealthy. But with modernity has come an upgrade in sensibilities such that one of the most popular features of modern cosmetics is their organic, healthy nature. Women today want cosmetic choices that they know won’t harm them or cause any unsightly breakouts. That’s one of the many reasons parabens and petrolatum have become reviled within the cosmetic industry. While many organizations yet use these toxic ingredients, discerning buyers have become aware of them, and are actively seeking to avoid them. But parabens and petrolatum have quite a presence; you can even find these substances in tertiary cosmetics like lip balm.
Thankfully, there are options which provide the same kind of services without the toxicity. One of those is EOS, or Evolution of Smooth. EOS uses natural ingredients in its lip balms so that toxic collateral damages aren’t sustained by clients. Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter are some of the healthy ingredients you can expect to find in one of EOS’ three primary lines of lip balm.

Visibly Soft, Active Protection, and Shimmer Smooth are the main available lines at EOS. Shimmer Smooth gives lips that sensuous, slightly wet appearance. Active Protection keeps lips moist and smooth even if they are usually dry, or situated in a tough climate. Meanwhile visibly soft brings that healthy, professional, inviting look to any cosmetic arrangement. EOS products can be easily found on Walmart. Visit the website:

In a world filled with toxic options, choosing the cosmetic line which has built itself around organic and healthy sustainability makes sense.



Doe Deere Creates a Brand with a Unique Flair


I think that Doe Deere may be better at marketing herself than any other person that I know. She has the Lime Crime brand, but Doe Deere and the Lime Crime brand are one in the same. This is a CEO that has fused herself with the brand, and she has taken a great interest in building up this company.

It is hard to believe that she chose the cosmetics industry when there were so many bigger companies that were already dominating the industry. She was bold, and I think that it was a tough move for her because Cover Girl and Revlon were already dominate players. I think that she knew, deep down, that she has the ability, the sheer drive, to take the Lime Crime brand to the next level. This is where things get interesting for those that are following her career.

She started small and she was almost unknown to most working class consumers. She would take to YouTube with her bizarre style and crazy shades of lipstick and create a following. The brand exploded with the youth as a popular alternative for the safe and serene colors that many of the major distributors produce. Her ability to go against the grain is what has made her a prize in the eyes of her fans. She has built a company that now has 2 million followers on Instagram.

There is a lot of talk about the mystery behind who she is, but none of this really matters. She used her personality to boost the talk about her brand. Doe Deere has never really cared if people loved or hated her. This was not anything that she was concerned with. She knew that the talk that people did about her – whether good or bad – would fuel the conversations about her brand of cosmetics.

Now there are fans that are getting their phones and taking selfies. They are posting pics of themselves with their favorite shades of Lime Crime. This is free promotion. All of this has given the business a type of following that it could never obtain from the television or print ads. She did what few people could do. I am still in awe of how she has managed to gain millions of followers with no television marketing. Doe Deere has successfully launched a brand that stands firmly without the aid of a lot of outside help. She has been doing so well on her own.

Doe Deere has a unique flair that sells makeup. Her gift has given her great marketing power. It is like an inborn characteristic that allows her to thrive. She is giving people access to a wonderful brand.

Doe Deere’s Dream of Beauty


It is a good thing for people to be able to achieve their dreams, especially if it helps other people feel good about themselves. Doe Deere is one of those people who have managed to achieve their dreams. She has started out in music and has learned about herself and the methods needed in order to get far in her career choice. For one thing, she has learned the importance of marketing and how it could help her achieve the goals that she has for herself and her life. She has eventually gotten into makeup and beauty in which she was really able to shine.

Doe Deere runs lime crime which is one of the latest of businesses that she has run. She has always been an entrepreneur. Her first business involved the sales of tattoos. She has sold temporary tattoos to people and she has enjoyed it because it helped her explore her artistic side. She has found another outlet for her art in which she is able to use make up in order to help people achieve a look that they can be proud of. Other people will be attracted to this energy that they give off that they are satisfied with the look that the put together.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company offers plenty of different colors and shades of lipstick, and other types of make up which allows people to explore their artistic side and find a complete image that they are satisfied with. Not only that, people that put together a type of look will attract people that they want in their lives. To make things even better, Lime Crime sells these types of make up at an affordable price. Therefore people will gladly have high quality make up while saving a ton of money.