WEN by Chaz & How it’s Transcending Haircare

Hair care has come along over the years. Many brands, styles, and trends have come and gone as well, but one things for certain; hair care will always be at the top of the list for many individuals. Did you know that there are numerous brands that use harmful chemicals in their products? Did you know that washing or even shampooing your hair too often can cause a host of issues? Well it’s time you got the scoop on proper hair care and hair care techniques by non-other than Chaz Dean himself.

Founder of the revolutionary line WEN by Chaz, this celebrity hairstylist has expertise and qualifications to give the general public proper hair care advice. Chaz Dean has been around for quite some time even though he’s still particularly young. His strong passion is what sets him apart from his contemporaries and it has allowed him to create his very own brand. (WEN) is changing the game thanks to it’s revolutionary product line. This isn’t your average everyday line. Wen by Chaz doesn’t use the dangerous chemicals of other brands, but rather uses a more natural approach that benefits all.

Mother Nature has provided us with all of the tools that needed to survive, so why not use the tools in hair care products? Chaz Dean figured this out early on, but now has made it into a reality. Instead of selling a (run-of-the-mill) product which can definitely make a quick buck, Chaz Dean has put in large amounts of time for creating the perfect blend of perfection. These products uses the finest of ingredients that actually grow from the earth. No dyes, sulfates, or other chemicals which tend to dry out and damage hair follicles, but rather simple ingredients that leaves you with a shiny, beautiful, strong head of hair. WEN by Chaz is setting new standards and is raising the bar in this ever competitive business. Check out Wen on Twitter for more information.

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WEN By Chaz Helps People With Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem for a lot of women who are living with it every day, and they do not always have a chance to fix their hair. They need to start using WEN hair by Chaz to make sure that their hair will be healthier. Healthier hair is much easier to get when someone is using the right kind of shampoo, and they will notice that their hair will start improving with help from the WEN hair by Chaz Dean. It has been marketed to women who are having a hard time with their hair, and now they can use it every day if they have to.

A woman with thin hair spends most of her time trying to figure out how she can make it better, and she does not want to be put in a position where her hair is just not healthy and falling out all the time. The shedding that women go through every day will be scourge on all their clothes, and they will start to notice that they are picking less hair off their clothing. Picking hair out of every part of the house is a major problem, and people who are trying to get their hair in order.

They expect to be able to style their hair, and they cannot do that if it is thinning and becoming a problem. The best part of this is that a woman can keep using Wen hair by Chaz, and they need to use it just the way the instructions on the bottle say. The instructions on the bottle are very important, and they have to be used the right way. They are very easy to manage because they show that people use a lot less than normal. Life gets much simpler when people are using WEN by Chaz to fix their hair.





Doe Deere: Fashionista, Creative Spirit & Role Model

Doe Deere is the young female entrepreneur who founded the uber-popular cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an Internet-based business that produces the brightly colored make-up that has become Deere’s signature. Deere is as colorful in character and appearance as the vibrant hues found in her Lime Crime products. Often seen with lavender hair and brightly colored lips, Deere’s outward presence is the perfect representation of her lively and energetic personality. https://galoremag.com/lime-crime-creator-doe-deere-colors-haters/

How It All Started

Doe Deere has had an Internet presence focused on cosmetics and fashion since 2006. Her motto is, “Nothing is off limits!” To Deere, this may mean colored glitter, blue lipstick and rhinestones as facial accents. She developed a following that for the last decade has grown literally into the millions. Her followers soon became her first customers for her Lime Crime brand in 2008 and now her company is a multi-million dollar business. Thanks to Deere’s innovative ideas and creative marketing, Lime Crime’s “color revolution” is known and loved by women (and men!) around the world.


Not only does Deere break through barriers with her innovative product line, she is also a brilliant businesswoman who took her passion for unusual make-up and fashion and translated it into what was, at the time, a unique and one-of-a-kind color palette. Many other cosmetics companies have followed in her footsteps by adding non-traditional and cutting edge colors to their lipsticks, eye and nail polish colors. Deere is credited with starting this trend and continues to develop and produce new and exciting color pigments for Lime Crime today.


Fans of Doe Deere and Lime Crime cosmetics are affectionately known as “Unicorns,” referring to anyone that feels that they were born different. Unicorns love rainbows of glitter, bright colors, and live to defy any and all expectations, much like Deere herself. Doe Deere is the reigning Queen Unicorn and the leader of her own following of unique and creative clients worldwide.

Entrepreneur Turned Role Model

Self-Made magazine recently named Deere one of America’s “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.” When asked how she felt about this recognition, she says she is proud to be considered an inspiration and hopes that she continues to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in people of all ages, genders and nationalities. Doe Deere is more than just an inspiration; she has become a vital role model for millions of young women and men who want to follow in her footsteps. Doe Deere sends her message to her supporters loud and clear: “Follow your dreams and never give up!”

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