Alexei Beltyukov Continues to Provide Free Education for Local Youths

Back when SOLVY was first founded, Alexei knew he wanted to encourage young people to genuinely understand math instead of just making their way through school. So he began working with a team of experts to create a service that would students in becoming math literate. SOLVY was the service they created.

SOLVY is a free online math homework platform that students can use to better grasp the fundamentals of math. In particular, Alexei wanted to help students identify the areas they needed help with so that they could improve in their own special way.

The platform also had huge advantages for teachers and their school as well. Teachers can assign math homework that is personally designed for each of their students. Rather than assign everyone the same math problems, teachers can identify what problems students need help with and create personalized homework that they can practice on at home.

Students have to solve the problems with their own answer, rather than picking from a multiple choice format. They also have to show their work, allowing teachers to fully understand the progress their students are making and identify any problems the student may be repeatedly making.

As for Alexei Beltyukov himself, he takes great pride in his philanthropies. Education has always been important to him, math in particular because it’s something everyone uses on a daily basis. One of his most known philanthropies is his love of helping fellow Russian entrepreneurs get the education and funding they need to succeed in the business world.

Along with other supporters, he established the Russian Alumni Scholarship. The scholarship financial supports selected Russians who are accepted at INSEAD University.

Alexei Beltyukov is also the founder of Endemic Capital, which he uses to further help Russian entrepreneurs with start-up companies.

Along with several other people, Alexei Beltyukov runs many other charitable organizations that assist Russian startup companies. He’s also the Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, a government support foundation that provides economic guidance and support to Russian technology startups and entrepreneurs.