Thor Halvorssen Shares Thoughts on Socialism with Fox News

Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation was brought onto Fox News for an interview surrounding socialism. The piece was used by Fox News to tie into Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ socialistic rhetoric. The first question posed to Halvorssen by the Fox News reporter was why he believes that socialism is a violation of fundamental human rights. Halvorssen responded by admitting there are times when socialism can be used for evil by people simply wanting to gain power and control in manipulative ways. Halvorssen however specefically mentioned Denmark, Sweden and Norway to illustrate how there are countries who have socialistic and labor governments who do not violate basic human rights. He identifies that as long as there are a separation of powers, different branches of government as well as constitutional rights that a socialistic government can be perfectly fine.

After admitting that a definition of socialism is a very difficult thing to provide as there are countless perspectives and interpretations, Halvorssen went onto explain what he most dislikes about some socialistic governments. The Fox News reporter asked him if it was the looting of the people and Halvorssen agreed. In order to make his point clear, Halvorssen cited the Venezuelan government and the way they try to fix prices of goods how they please and the economic and social impact it has creating food shortages and inflation.

The interview concluded with discussion about Halvorssen’s personal ties to Venezuela. His father was taken as a political prisoner while his mother was executed by the Hugo Chavez regime. His first cousin is also currently in prison in Venezuela. Halvorssen (@thorhalvorssen) again says that socialism itself doesn’t have to violate human rights as long as there is a code of law in place. It is only when someone in power decides to do whatever they want that basic human rights are violated.

Seemingly to the surprise of the Fox News reporter, Halvorssen admits that he donated the max amount to Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign. He went on to explain how the other Democratic Presidential Candidate Runner Hillary Clinton has been taking millions of dollars from dictatorships. He also cited the Republican party for having a front runner who thought that Vladmir Putin was okay.

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