Doe Deere’s Dream of Beauty


It is a good thing for people to be able to achieve their dreams, especially if it helps other people feel good about themselves. Doe Deere is one of those people who have managed to achieve their dreams. She has started out in music and has learned about herself and the methods needed in order to get far in her career choice. For one thing, she has learned the importance of marketing and how it could help her achieve the goals that she has for herself and her life. She has eventually gotten into makeup and beauty in which she was really able to shine.

Doe Deere runs lime crime which is one of the latest of businesses that she has run. She has always been an entrepreneur. Her first business involved the sales of tattoos. She has sold temporary tattoos to people and she has enjoyed it because it helped her explore her artistic side. She has found another outlet for her art in which she is able to use make up in order to help people achieve a look that they can be proud of. Other people will be attracted to this energy that they give off that they are satisfied with the look that the put together.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company offers plenty of different colors and shades of lipstick, and other types of make up which allows people to explore their artistic side and find a complete image that they are satisfied with. Not only that, people that put together a type of look will attract people that they want in their lives. To make things even better, Lime Crime sells these types of make up at an affordable price. Therefore people will gladly have high quality make up while saving a ton of money.