Lime Crime Brings the Bright (ness)

Lime Crime is a makeup company started by a woman named Doe Deere. She wanted to bring a new company into the market that brought new colors, a new level of brightness to the makeup world. The name came to her when she was needing to create a name for her Ebay store. Lime Crime was born out of her favorite color (bright green) and the rhyme. As her brand grew, it’s taken on a new meaning. Lime Crime is a company that looks to buck tradition, to push boundaries, and to color outside the lines.

Deere grew up a creative and imaginative girl; she was constantly creating her own style, creating her own art work, and using anything and everything around her to do so. As an adult, she chose to take this imaginative view of the world and create a makeup brand like no one has seen before. In the creation of Lime Crime, Deere has also become a woman that other female entrepreneurs look up to. Whether asked for or not, she’s in the spotlight. She’s a girl that never quit. She’s a girl that relentlessly chases her dreams and shows other girls that they can do the same.

Lime Crime is different than the rest. Lime Crime is full of colors that, in my opinion, other makeup lines are afraid to touch. They are beyond bright in their hue, they are uncommon in their colors. Where else can you find a bright mint green lipstick? Or a watermelon green and pink eyeshadow duo? These are just two small examples of what Lime Crime has to offer and I believe that it’s worth checking out!

Even more, Doe Deere is someone worth checking out. Her fearless, take charge, go get ’em attitude is one to be admired.  Get involved with Doe on the Lime Crime Facebook page, or be sure to visit the official website.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Discusses His Experiences In Venezuelan Politics

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is one of the best known names in Venezuelan politics after he embarked on a short career as a politician in the National Assembly of the country after being elected by constituents in Guarico State. Gonzalez had already become a well known figure in Venezuela after his successful career in agriculture led to his products being some of the most successful in the country; after entering Venezuelan politics Gonzalez rose to the position of deputy to the National Assembly before being forced to leave politics because of internal issues within his party.

The election of Jose Manuel Gonzalez came as he looked to reform the economy of Venezuela by taking an interest in politics, which included his thoughts on how the agricultural industry could benefit from a wide range of improvements made to the financial sector within the South American country. The levels of waste seen by Gonzalez within his career as an agricultural specialist that has seen him look for increased levels of success for the agricultural industry through widespread reform. Despite his position as a deputy in the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is often critical of those in leadership positions who have powers he does not feel are constitutional.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been a popular figure among his constituents in Guarico State because of the strong stance he has taken against the problems in Venezuelan politics. The agricultural entrepreneur has made sure he remains opposed to the importing of foods he feels can be supplied from crops and products already produced within the country.

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