San Francisco Police Union and D.A. Battle

San Francisco is known as a tolerant, arts-oriented, and beautiful city on the bay. It exists in strong contrast to Los Angelos with its huge population and numerous problems associated with urban blight and poverty. While San Francisco has charm and history making it a tourist destination, L.A. is perceived as a thug and gang town whose only history is of problems with police corruption and poor police relations with the people the police force is charged to protect, including abuse of blacks and minorities. The Watts Rebellion (Riot) took place in 1965 in L.A. after an arrest of a DUI suspect that inflamed a nearby crowd and escalated to rioting, arson, looting, and destruction. In 1992, Rodney King was assaulted by L.A. police, which led to a massive overhaul of the L.A. police force. L.A.’s notoriety was not enhanced when the O.J. Simpson trial ended, and Simpson was found not guilty.
San Francisco has avoided these debilitating situations and is perceived to have a tolerant police force befitting the people who call San Francisco home.
But now San Francisco has an imbroglio between a retired president of the police union and the acting district attorney for San Francisco, George Gascon. Among the innuendo is a charge of racism and violence baiting within the prison system in San Francisco. There is and will always be political in-fighting between police officers and those higher up on the governmental ladder. It appears that this is the case happening now between District Attorney Gascon and the former leader of the P.O.A. (police union) headed by Gary Delagnes. The now retired Delagnes has stated that he will reveal extensive information if he is subpoenaed to testify.
Hopefully, this is all a tempest in a teapot and will only produce interesting gossip for residents while they are sipping lattes at Starbucks or enjoying lunch or dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants in San Francisco.

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