Danilo Diaz Granados is an Entrepreneur with Luxury Branding Expertise

Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados is an entrepreneur and Associate at Fireman Capital Partners. Mr. Diaz Granados is well known for his ventures startup ventures that are heavily involved with the Latin American community. In his latest ventures Mr. Diaz Granados is using communications marketing as a positive force to generate new interests among American consumers.

For most of his notable experience Mr. Diaz Granados exercises his skills as a researcher and data analyst. He has had experience conducting research projects within the financial hedge funding, merchandising, and energy sectors. Mr. Diaz Granados is also the proud founder of the exotic luxury car boutique “Toys for Boys”. The boutique also features time watches and art which are combined with the luxury car theme to give boutique visitors an interesting perspective of how the rich and wealthy spend their times. The “Toys for Boys” website is also a unique find. The site offers a good selection of luxury housing that is available and for sale in the Miami, Fl. Area. Site viewers are also able to navigate the site and have a look at pictures from events that have been held. Updated press information is also available on the site.

Mr. Diaz Granados’s Latino roots have led him to pursue ventures in the communications sector. These ventures that Mr. Diaz Granados are involved with have a substantial effect on communications and media content that is delivered from Latin American countries like Venezuela to the United States. In his efforts Mr. Diaz Granados helps to form media partnerships for the purpose of delivering new content related material to interested parties within the United States.

Mr Diaz Granados is a graduate of Babson College, according to Instagram, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics. Mr. Diaz Granados has been able to use his knowledge through education to create luxury lifestyle brands for Florida residents and his native Latino community.