Pulier Paves The Way To A Promising Tomorrow

Eric Pulier has become a leading name in technological innovation amongst the business world and government. He has a list of accomplishments and titles under his belt. His career as an innovative entrepreneur all began at a very young age. In high school, Eric Pulier started a computer company. This came at no surprise, given that he developed an interest in computer programming in the 4th grade. While other kids were on the playground, Pulier was setting himself up for a successful future.

He went on to study simultaneously at Harvard and MIT, arguably the most prestigious universities on the East coast. During this time he wrote for Harvard’s school paper. Later in life, Pulier would become a published author.

He has started and successfully ran multiple companies, as well as, obtained patents for several of his groundbreaking ideas. However, his greatest accomplishment has been his unwavering service to humanity. Pulier has advocated for things like free college tuition for American college students. He was a top-billed honoree at the US Doctors for Africa benefit held in NYC in 2010.

One of his biggest humanitarian accomplishments has been Starbright World. Through his connections with the Starlight Foundation, Pulier created Starbright World, a project focused on connecting chronically ill children from around the world to one another. Starbright was a huge success, connecting children from around the world and allowing them to share stories, find comfort, and form connections. It is great minds like the one of Pulier that are paving the way to a better tomorrow for us all.

Pulier is active on Twitter so head over and check him out!