The American Institute of Architects’ Quest to Elevate Architecture

     In 1857, a group of 13 architects in New York formed the American Institute of Architects, a membership-based professional body aiming to improve the technical and practical perfection of architects. The 13 initial members wanted to elevate the profession’s standing. Today the organization has over 90000 licensed members who adhere to a strict code of ethics. Before the establishment of the AIA, anyone could easily assume the architect position. The United States did not have many schools for architecture, and there was little order in the profession.

The AIA provided the much-needed united voice that influences the government’s decisions regarding the sector and ensures quality services for the public. The organization works closely with other players in the architecture industry to help synchronize the construction industry and provide sanity. To help improve the firm’s image and support the profession, the American Institute of Architect’s firm carries out education and community outreach. The organization is keen on serving the public by ensuring the designs of public spaces are elevated and availing well designed to provide affordable housing to Americans.

Robert Ivy serves as the Washington DC-based firm’s chief executive officer. The nonprofit organization is governed by a board of directors and works like a national organization. With a full-time staff of over 200 employees, AIA has 300 local and state subsidiaries that spread from the United States to Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe. In contributing to its professionals, AIA has several awards and honors that awarded to members who make significant contributions to the architecture industry. Some of these honors include the AIA Gold Medal and the Architecture Film Award. The nonprofit also has a magazine to educate the public and publish architectural content.

In 2012, the AIA named Robert Ivy the successor for Christine McEntee as CEO and Executive Vice President. Ivy previously served as the Editor in chief the journal, Architectural record. The journal became one of the most read architectural journals under Ivy’s leadership and earned seven Folio Design Awards, and 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards among other awards. Robert’s leadership at the publication won him various awards including the Crain Award and the McGraw Hill award for management excellence.

Along with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Robert Ivy has a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Tulane University. Robert is also Fellow of the AIA,

The Academy of Art University: More Than A School For Fashion

Existing on the vanguard of creativity and innovation is the Academy of Art University. The school has been going strong since the 1920s and as of today, it is one of the premier fashion and art schools in the world. Inspiration and talent is something that can be found here for 365 days a year. The beat never stops as the old saying goes and the Academy of Art University has been on a mission to fully prepare its students for a wide range of employment jobs. This institution was founded by Richard Stephens, and it delivers exceptional graduate, undergraduate, portfolio development programs and certificates. Its campus is considered to be urban as it sits right in the heart of San Francisco.


Did you know that this school has produced plenty of honorable talent? Many of these talented individuals have displayed their work and have graced the stages of New York Fashion Week. Located at Skylight Clarkson Square, New York Fashion Week is the very definition of style. By the way, this is considered to be the official residence for all things style. The Academy of Art University has been participating in this wonderful event for 21 years straight. This just so happens to be the place where new names are implemented into the spotlight. This school has represented itself really well with a multitude of menswear and womenswear collections. There were at least 10 MFA and BFA graduates that were a part of the festivities.


Being so prominent, New York Fashion Week is an open door for any and everything fashion related. Of course, this fashion relation comes in the form of attire. The school actually offers more than fashion and art. It’s just like any other higher learning facility as it offers academics, sports and student clubs. Thanks to its growth, this for-profit art school provides online arts education. The future of the school is in great hands as the Academy of Art University continues to change the status quo.